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Acceptance and
Commitment Therapy (ACT)
This type of therapy was created in 1986 by Steve Hayes and is the first of the “third wave” of psychotherapies. There is currently a substantial amount of evidence to support its effectiveness. ACT can be used with individuals, couples, and groups as both brief and long-term therapy. It allows the therapist to create and individualize their own mindfulness techniques or even to co-create them with clients. This personalized mindfulness plan provides effective and tangible results!
Through a variety of mindfulness techniques, this type of counseling focuses on awareness of emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Over time, you’ll learn how to experience life in the moment without letting bodily sensations and emotional stress stop you from achieving what you value. Imagine getting more of what you want out of life with less fear and emotional distress. At Mindful Momentum Counseling, you’ll learn and practice these skills with an experienced professional in your corner every step of the way.
Individual, Couples &
Family Counseling
Work through difficult situations, improve your thought life, and experience freedom with our individual, couples, or family counseling. No matter what type of counseling fits your specific need, our licensed professionals are ready to provide compassionate help and techniques to help you overcome the obstacles you’re facing.
Counseling for Anxiety
& Depression
We offer counseling specifically for those experiencing anxiety and depression and suggest effective techniques to help you cope in a healthy way.
Take control of your anger issues with anger management counseling from Mindful Momentum Counseling. We help you work through your emotions, discover what is causing them, and practice techniques to experience freedom.
Experiencing loss in life is an extremely difficult thing that no one should have to go through alone. Get the support you need during a season of loss with grief counseling from Mindful Momentum Counseling.
Mental Health
With a new special focus on men's mental health, our licensed professionals will help men receive the support they need to be mentally stable and healthy. Release the warrior inside of you.
Issues Related
to Aging
As we get older, new emotions, experiences, or circumstances may cause stress or anxiety. Our counselors are ready to help you tackle any issue related to aging with mindfulness techniques.
Family System
This type of therapy focuses on the idea that when change happens in one person's life, it will affect the whole family. The family is viewed as an emotional unit, and individuals are encouraged to work through their problems in the context of the family. Give family systems therapy a try by scheduling an appointment with us today.
We proudly offer career counseling and entrepreneurial coaching to help you effectively navigate your career path. This service will present methods to help you prevent fear from stopping you from achieving your goals.
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Create a positive environment in your office space with workplace mindfulness techniques. We provide sessions for offices to teach mindfulness techniques to promote a positive work environment.
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