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Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy & Counseling in Bloomingdale and Des Plaines, IL


Are you experiencing anxiety or depression? Do you constantly think about the consequences of past decisions? Are your thoughts making it difficult for you to do your best at work or school or negatively affecting your relationships?

Learn Effective Mindfulness Techniques

Let our trained mindfulness experts at Mindful Momentum Counseling help you get out of your head. Through mindfulness-based psychotherapy and counseling, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to transform your thoughts and your life. The world is waiting for you!

Career Opportunities

Here at Mindful Momentum Counseling, we’re always searching for skilled individuals to join our professional team. We are currently seeking skilled candidates for the positions of clinical psychologist, clinical counselor, and clinical social worker. We have both in-person and virtual employment openings available. Qualified candidates should send a resume to josephrubinlcpc@gmail.com.

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